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Notes on the Tejada Series...

Death of a Nationalist was originally conceived as a single novel with two protagonists, one on each side of the Spanish Civil War.  But at the end of the book, I realized there was more story to tell about at least one of the protagonists.  Carlos Tejada Alonso y León, the right-wing guardia who suffers a crisis of conscience in the first book, needed to develop further.  So the book became a series, currently with four novels, detailing the life of Carlos Tejada, who is often unsympathetic, but ultimately, like Marcus Brutus, an honorable man.

Currently, four novels are available in bookstores, Death of a Nationalist, Law of Return,  The Watcher in the Pine, and The Summer Snow. A short anthology, What Happened When the War was Over, is available as an e-book via

For more information than any reasonable person would want about the books, see the Frequently Asked Questions section..

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