June 6, 2014

Dear Readers,

I thought I should update the site (since I'm thrilled and startled to see in the analytics that it gets a few visitors every day), and the most obvious place seemed to be with this week's news from Spain of King Juan Carlos's abdication. I got some pretty excited emails about the news from friends in Madrid, who also told me about the massive demonstrations in Madrid in favor of the creation of a Third Republic. There have been demonstrations throughout the country, but in Madrid they took place in the Puerta del Sol, which people who've read Death of a Nationalist may recall as the symbolic center of the city. Death of a Nationalist's readers may also remember some discussion about whether the Spanish flag has purple in it. The Spain Report has an article about the pro-Republic demonstrations, and also some beautiful photos which give a good sense of how the Puerta del Sol looks nowadays (with lots of people in it), and also show a lot of examples of the tricolor flag of the Spanish republic, complete with purple.

Again, many thanks to those people who have written to me, or posted questions on Amazon about if and when there would be new books available, and whether I'm still writing. The answer is: I'm writing! The Summer Snow which remains the last book in the Tejada series (for reasons I've explained at a little more length in the FAQ section.) But I have a couple of manuscripts of historical novels sitting on the hard drive, and a couple of others that are close to starting to make the rounds to publishers.

Many thanks to all of you who have down-loaded, read, and written to me about What Happened When the War Was Over, the anthology of stories about the characters in Death of a Nationalist available as an e-book from at Smashwords.com. (They're also available directly at Barnes and Noble, and other retailers, for those of you who have Kindles, Nooks, or other dedicated e-book devices.)

Salud camaradas.  Happy reading.

Rebecca Pawel 

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