March 15, 2014

Dear Readers,

Greetings, after a long silence! The lack of activity on this website has been on my conscience for a long time, especially since I've seen a few nice friendly references around the web wondering what I've been up to lately. (Special thanks to this nice shoutout at Read Me Deadly.) The big news in my life lately has not been writing related: this past September I stopped teaching, and went back to graduate school. I'm currently getting a PhD. I've updated the about me section below to reflect this and also a bit about what's been going on in the ten (!!!) years since Death of a Nationalist and this website first appeared.

Again, many thanks to those people who have written to me, or posted questions on Amazon about if and when there would be new books available, and whether I'm still writing. The answer is: I'm writing! I've completed two manuscripts since The Summer Snow which remains the last book in the series (for reasons I've explained at a little more length in the FAQ section.) But I have not been able to interest publishers in the two historical novels I've since completed, one about an elderly woman caught up in the Reformation in Renaissance Flanders, and one a love story set in seventeenth century New Amsterdam. I suppose I could self-publish them, but that involves a lot of time and energy that I would rather put into my real life and/or my manuscripts. I'm happy to work with professionals to do publicity and such-like, but I don't enjoy working out a strategy to go it alone. Also, as I've said before, I do feel there's a place for publishers (though beating on the door gets tiring).

That said, many thanks to all of you who have down-loaded, read, and written to me about What Happened When the War Was Over, the anthology of stories about the characters in Death of a Nationalist available as an e-book from at (They're also available directly at Barnes and Noble, and other retailers, for those of you who have Kindles, Nooks, or other dedicated e-book devices.)

Salud camaradas.  Happy reading.

Rebecca Pawel 

About Me  - A brief biography, and a description of how I spend my days.

Frequently Asked Questions about Death of a Nationalist  - A few things that people have asked me about that I think are worth knowing.  I am also happy to answer any questions that people send me via e-mail.

Links  - Most of the research for my books was done on the web.  Here are some of my sources, including some pictures of Tejada's Spain.

Books - Death of a Nationalist is the first in a series.  Look here to find out more about the further adventures of these characters, and about translations available.  (Includes titles, excerpts, publication schedules, etc.)